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Allergies and Corporate Wellness

Why Allergies Should Be Part Of Every Corporate Wellness Plan

Allergies and Corporate Wellness

There’s a better way to deal with allergens in the office!

The average allergy patient spends approximately ten times the amount on over-the-counter allergy medications and prescriptions during their lifetime than they would on getting a simple over the counter test, such as MyAllergyTest.

It’s possible to create a comfortable allergy-free zone in your own home, but what about other environments? What if, for example, you’re allergic to your workplace?

The average office environment may be a hotbed of allergy triggers. From pungent chemicals to mold in the ductwork to a co-worker’s aftershave, culprits can seek out and target unsuspecting office dwellers.

And because allergies can make people feel pretty miserable, proof of their allergy struggles may begin to show up in their job performance.

Who, after all, can concentrate on work when they’re contending with watery, burning eyes and a pounding headache? Maybe allergy-related fatigue threatens to crush their productivity.

It’s important to tackle the allergen problem before it takes over your office … and gets the best of your staff. What are the net benefits?

  • reduce sick days associated with allergies
  • decrease costs associated with allergic reactions and medications
  • permanently desensitize you to specific allergies