The Daily Buzz: What To Do If You Have Allergy Symptoms

MyAllergyTest featured in the allergy segment on The Daily Buzz Show.

The symptoms for a cold and for allergies can be very similar, if not exactly the same. What is the best way to know if you have a cold that will go away in a week or full-blown allergies that you are stuck with for months at a time, year after year? The only way to know is to take an allergy test. The good news is with MyAllergyTest you can take a test for ten of the most common allergens from the comfort of your home. You can pick up your home allergy test kit at major retail stores in stores in the pharmacy diagnostic section. So the next time you are at Walmart, Walgreens, or Meijer, pick up your MyAllergyTest test kit, go home and take the test. Instructions are included but it is a quick, convenient process. You will quickly and conveniently receive your accurate, lab-tested results and learn if you have allergies. MyAllergyTest also provides an allergy plan so you can make adjustments to improve your quality of life. By learning if you have allergies or a cold, you know how to treat your symptoms. MyAllergyTest is also available online.


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