Spring is in the Air!

Ah, yes! Springtime! More sunlight, warmer temperatures, leaves budding, flowers blooming, & new beginnings! Springtime is a magical time of year. And yet, as Chinese philosophy says, everything has both ying and yang aspects. Ying and yang are dualities, such as positive and negative.

Spring has a huge array of positives, but for allergy sufferers, its can have more than its share of negatives, too. As nice as those warm spring breezes feel, they carry pollen and spores from all those pretty blooming things! So, as an allergy sufferer, what can you do to get through this fabulous yet difficult time of year?

First, know what you’re allergic too. This is the first line of defense in managing allergies. A couple of options are available for testing: ImmuneTech has an easy to use, home allergy test kit or you can go see an allergist for a test. The bottom line is: don’t guess; get tested.

Once you know your allergy triggers, you can keep an eye on allergen levels in the air. Many websites are available that track these levels for you. One option is pollen.com, they even have a mobile app! The site will tell you the concentration of pollen grains in the air & which trees/grasses are the predominate pollens in your area. You’ll be able to plan your day better knowing what is out in the air; is it a day for allergy medicine and precautions or not.

Speaking of allergy medicines… there are lots of allergy medications out there, prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medicines available at your local grocery story or pharmacy. Medications are often a necessary part of an allergy management plan – antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, eye drops, and throat lozenges – all of these have a place when used appropriately for allergy management. However, knowing what’s best to use, how often, etc. can be confusing! Some over the counter medications may cause drowsiness or could pose problems if you have certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, etc… Rather than try to figure it out on your own, its best to consult an allergist for a personalized allergy management plan. Your allergist may even suggest immunotherapy or allergy shots as a solution for you.

Beyond medications, many other solutions can help manage allergies as well. Keep your windows closed, even on a nice spring day. If you spend any length of time outside, take a shower as soon as you come back in to wash off all the allergens that may be on your skin. Wash the clothes you were wearing immediately, rather than allowing them to sit in your hamper or on your floor where allergens are free to float around your home. Wash your bedding and pajamas often as well. Another important solution is an air filter. An air filter can dramatically reduce the number of airborne allergens in your home. Along those lines, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum is also a great option. Check out this link for tips on the best way to vacuum your home to eliminate allergens. And finally, a solution that I use on a daily basis is rinsing your nose with a saline nasal rinse, spray, or neti-pot. Rinsing your nose with saline washes away any allergens that are trapped in the hair-like cilia that line the nasal and sinus cavities, allowing yourself to breathe cleaner!

So, arm yourself with one or all of these solutions and welcome spring in!

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About Kari Larson

Hi, I'm Kari Larson, social media consultant & blogger for ImmuneTech. Personally, I have suffered with allergies & sensitivities for years. Professionally, my background is 15 years in heathcare management & life-style technology product development. I've also been a contributing author to a variety of dermatology trade journals. Now working in this capacity with ImmuneTech is exciting for me as it is combines my professional career with a topic of personal interest. My goal is to share news, tips, resources, & commentary on topics relating to managing & living with allergies.

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